Here in this article, we are gonna talk about best led grow light 2019, Because when it comes to growing plants indoors, it’s really difficult to get the similar lighting as sunlight for the indoor setting.  These days’ people are opting for using LED technology for cultivating process.

However before the Led grow light was introduced, the gardeners were used to grow their plants using the traditional lighting system which includes compact fluorescent lights aka CFL and High-pressure sodium aka HPS. However, the methods failed as they were not giving the results that the people wanted, instead of that using these two options were beyond expensive. 

According to the best led grow light reviews, After LED grow lights introduced the whole thing turn much simpler, affordable and effective. Also its extremely beneficial for plants as because of this people can grow healthy and complete developed plants. Apart from this, it also helped in reducing the excessive amount of power and making the whole process environment free and pocket-friendly.  

Well,  there is no doubt that using best led grow light 2019 are beneficial on so many levels but again there is a huge market where you can get the whole new world of manufactures. Buying the perfect one can be a real hassle and also you have to face lots of issues during the process.

But choosing the best will help you in getting the benefits and also help you in saving lots of energy as well as money and for that, you need to go through led grow light review.  Best led grow lights are one of those revolutions which not just helped the cultivation but also boosted lots of people who wanted to try this indoor farming.  

Best led grow light 2019 “THE BEST OF USER’S CHOICE”

1. Roleadro (Best led grow light)

best led grow light

Well, Roleadro is one of the Best led grow light and it has full spectrum in the hydroponic plant not just meet with different needs. The lamp is made with red lights as well as blue lights where the use of white light in minimum.

Also because of the lights, this one is more suitable for indoor plants and also it makes the growing process much easier and simpler Whereas the use of red light helps in boosting the yield of more than 30 or 50 %.  Apart from these different lights play their important role? Such as: 

Red led: You will get Red light in this best led grow light 2019 which helps in making the plant’s light observation power increase, also help in enhancing the growth in budding and flowering.  

IR & UV: However these led grow lights are not that bright as compare to any other light. But the lights are helpful when it comes to influencing as well as boosting the growth of the plant. 

Blue Led: It helps in boosting up the photosynthesis and growth in plant more firmly than any other lights. That’s, why Roleadro is one of the best led grow light for weed in the market.

Features that you are getting in this best led grow lights for indoor plants

Apart from this, here are the few more things that you are going to get with this advanced technology. 

1. Cooling fans: for keeping the product cool there are two fans that are given which runs in the background the fans are UL certified and also has much efficiency when it comes to dissipation the heat. The cooling fans keep the product cool enough which keeps it comfortable for the indoor use.

2. Low maintenance required:  Also there is very less Maintenance require with this product. It also comes with a warranty period of two years.

Roleadro Best led grow lights

3. Dim the lights:  You can adjust the light as the product comes with dimming the light feature. You can decrease the intensity which helps when the plants are going through different growing stages.

4. Certified with CE & ROHS:   the product is designed with advanced technology with the use of better lights. Also, it consumes much less power and also helps in getting the growth that you want in the plant. Roleadro Best led grow light to keep the minimal lights and heat that the plant requires  

  • The product comes with 9 band system and in addition, you get the light dimming option
  • The use of power is much lesser which saves both money and energy.
  • The maintenance of the product is almost zero where it also comes with a two-year warranty
  • The weight of the grow lamps are light which makes it durable for the use
  • The building of the product is done with good quality and also everything is already tested and tried
  • Well there is no manual setting available for controlling the light spectrum
  • There are also options that can be considered if you have a budget  

2. Phlizon Newest 600W LED Grow Light

 led grow lights 2019

Well, one of the underrated and not get that much attention, there are lots of things that you are going to get in best led grow light 2019 for weed which surely not let you feel regret for investing your money in this product.

The led grow light is designed in order to provide much better results than you ever expected. The light spectrum is full that keep the garden enlighten also help you in raising the plants more efficiently including the UV and IR lights.

Apart from this, there are 60 dual chips that you get in each 10 W led. This not just help you in getting the intense light for your plant during the different growth stages also it make sure that the lights are observed so you can get the results that you are looking for. The viewing angle is 90 and 120 degrees with switches for setting the modes that enlight the surrounding dependent g on which phase your plant is growing.

The size that you are going to get has the dimension 15.7 x 6.7 x 2.3 and holds the light approx. 5.4 pounds.  However, it also depends on the type of dimension that you want for your indoor plant growing. 

Features that you are going to get  in this best led grow light for your home

1.  No reflectors:  As there are large numbers in grow lights where you will find the reflectors which are used for making the light pretty. However, it also makes it dangerous as they are not good at resisting the heat. In the case of short circuits, reflectors can easy get melt and also catch the fore simply.  However, with this product, you don’t get the reflectors as there is no wise thing to choose beauty over the safety.

2. Comes with a double switch: In the led grow light 2019,  there are two different switches that you get with these grow lights.  The lights are dividing into the veg switch and bloom switch; both have their own roles to play. Veg Switch is basically blue and white led.

This switch is used when the young plants or seeding process is going on whereas bloom switch includes led in red and white. The switch is for blooming or flowering process. However, they are other things that you get which also help in using the switches wisely and also you can get the different process with good results.  

Phlizon Newest 600W LED Grow Light

3. Lightweight and compatible: With the dimension of 15.7 x 6.7 x 2.3 and the weight of the best grow light which holds not more than 5.4 pounds.  Well, the dimension of the light is enough to make the best led grow light for weed compatible and you can easily use it the way you like. 

4. Humidity monitor: This best led grow light also has a thermometer which is used for humidity monitor which comes with a clock inside. It helps in knowing the exact temperature and humidity that you got inside the tent.  Apart from this, it also comes with heat management which not let the plants get harm or disturb their growth process. 

  • Full spectrum is not just effective but efficient too
  • The product design is unique which help in getting the best end results
  • LED with Dual chips
  • Power consumptions are less
  • Comes with dual switches
  • Updated with heat management
  • There is thermometer with a clock for controlling the humidity
  • Consider as good in best led grow lights for weed
  • The overall warranty period is not that long as compared to other products
  • The product is not waterproof

3. Viparspectra Reflector-Series 450W (Best Led Grow light)

led grow light for farming

Well, it’s an ideal choice for those who want best led grow light 2019 so the plants can grow healthy and strong.  It comes with 12 band system with strong plus led and 600 watts that not just make the flowers as well as vegetable beautiful but it also helps in developing the smell as well.

Apart from this, this also has bloom option which works extraordinarily if you want that your plants can grow better.  Not just that there are lot more things that you are getting, the 450W led comes with equipped with ninety 5W epileds as well as bridgelux LED chips. Also, it helps in saving lots of money and energy.  

Features that you are getting in this best led grow light for your indoor garden

1. Advance speed in fans: With the model, you are going to get the advance high-speed fans which are completely quiet and create no voice which also helps in not disturbing or creating any hassle for the cultivation. The fans are upgraded with the aluminum cooling heat which is considered as good for heat dissipation. 

2. Work similar to 400 watts: Well those who look for the traditional watts in new models, this one can help. Comparing to the old one, here you get which consumes just 200 watts. Also, the model is perfect for vegetable coverage at 24”, well for the flowering coverage’s you can go with at 18”.

Viparspectra Reflector-Series 450W Led Grow lights

3. Balance in PAR output and coverage:  With the model, the cultivating can get the perfect balance which avails the perfect lighting for each and every stage in developing the plants. Because of the coverage, the model helps in covering the better sides for providing the best benefits. The model can avail the lights that you want to get from the natural lights. Also, the design of the model makes the balance between PAR output and the coverage. 

  • Viparpectra is affordable as compare to any other options. Also, the price comes with reasonable values and guarantees period of 30 days
  • The performance of the light is excellent which also the plants to bloom on the very good d stage
  • The coverage space of the model is good and the lenses focus on 90 degrees which avail the light completely on the section where it is needed the most
  • The model stay cools even the use and it doesn’t produce any kind of heat that can damage the plant or anything else.
  • The product is only for small-scale gardening, however, if you are going to use for large farming then this one can be a wrong option 
  • The product is not waterproof and it’s only for the indoor use  
  • The temperature surrounding to the product should be lesser than 40 c

4. VIVOSUN 600W LED(Best led grow light 2019)

Well, the model is known as the best led grow light for cannabis that also ranked in the first list when it comes to growing pants lights options. Vivosun 600 W led grow light is also strongly recommended for those people who have smaller areas for growing the marijuana and require spectrum light for the place.

Also, the model comes with the guarantee period which includes 3 years. Not just that, there are lots of other plus points that you are going to get.  Here you get a bright light that helps in developing the plants and giving the sufficient light that they want for growing into healthy ones.

The best led grow light for weed are also cool and the temperature which is controlled by 5 inches cooler fans that are inbuilt with the model. The inbuilt cooler keeps the hot air away and cools the air inside the room. The light consumes not more than 270 watts which help in producing the best energy that is sufficient for the harvesting. 

Features that you are going to get best led grow light for indoor garden

1. Full spectrum: Well, this help in giving the ideal wavelengths that can give the lights complexly absorbed to the indoor plants from the process to seeding and to harvest.  Also, there is no other need for using different lights as a supplement. This one will help you in getting the perfect results 

2. Get longer lifespan:  the exclusive design in the model with the use of composite metal help in keeping the heat away from the system which helps in making the work smoother and also maintain the cool temperature in the room. This also boosts the lifespan of the light and also gets the estimate working hours which is 100,000.

3. Original design: well, the best led grow light 2019 also have LED chips that enhanced with PAR which is important for supporting the seeding and growth of the plants. Also, the high level in PAR helps the plants to absorb lights more and more. Well the design of the model provides better uniform lights to the plants but also prevent it from burning or any other damages  

4. Ventilation for air:  The product is completely equipped with the powerful cooling system and exhaust fans, as well as pin cushion in massive sizes, are also available. It helps in absorbing the heat and keeps the complete system cool during the working process.

It also keeps the working stable so the grow light can work without facing kind of damage or issues.  Apart from everything, it also ensures that the LED grows light 2019 can avail their services for the long run.

  • The look of best led grow lights is sleek as well as smart  
  • There is no need for ballast 
  • The complete lifespan of the model is 100,000 hours
  • The distribution in PPFD and PAR outputs are good  
  • Also, you get dual cooling fans in 5 inch  
  • The metals that are used for manufacturing is composite metals  
  • Also known as the best led grow lights for cannabis. 
  • The model is only suitable for smaller areas, for larger areas you can get other options.  

5. BESTVA 1000W led grow light

BESTVA 1000W led grow light

One of the highest reviewed and also listed when it comes to best led grow lights; Bestva 1000 w  have lights which comprise the 10 W chips. Also, the light that you get here is much brighter and efficient. For that, it emits the high value of PAR or LUMEN output. Also, it is extremely good when it comes to emulating the natural light of the sun.

With the help of full spectrum, the grow light is able to provide the lights to the plants for their different growth stages and cycles. Also, the spectrum of light is much powerful which make the plants healthy and also deliver the high yields.

Apart from this, the light also takes less consumption in electricity and also reduces the heat production in the room. Comparing to other traditional option that you get for the same purpose, Bestva requires less maintenance and also it can run for a much longer lifespan.  The light is ideal if you have 5.1 X 4.7 with a height of 24 areas for the growing option. Also, the coverage areas of the grow light are twice effective and boost the developing of the plants which also turn the lights best led grow light.

Features that you are getting in this best led grow light for your home

1. Full complete spectrum:  Here theBestva got the full spectrum 1000 watts in Best led grow light 2019 which is suitable for indoor cultivation.  Also, it suits perfectly for different places from where the plants require the sufficient lights and the correct amount.  This helps in providing the exact lights to the different plants as well as the flowers. The overall working is similar to the natural sun lights. 

best led grow light 2019

2. Dual chip 10 w LEDs: the new advanced technology which is updated in the model where the dual chip of 10 w is compressed and it helps in giving much brighter lights to the plants on their different stages.  Also, this is the highest outputs in PAR or LUMEN perleds that you will get.

3. Cooling fan system:  There are holes on panels which are made with aluminum and the glass make the conviction to the heat. Well, the heating temperature of the product is much lesser than any other options that you are going to get because of the cooling fan system which is used in the led grow lights. 

  • There is no doubt that the company Bestva is considered as one of the most reputed company for best led grow lights. 
  • The light only takes 185 w where you can get 600 w HPS. 
  • The product is durable which not let you change it again for the very long period.
  • There is a timer given that you can use for setting the lights according to the growth of the plant which is considered as best led grow lights for cannabis.
  • There are no noises or anything that can disturb others .
  • There is no on and off switches. For turning the lights off, you can use the timers or directly plug out 
  • The spectrum is not safe from water  
  • The lights are too bright which can damage the eyes. It’s recommended to use the glasses and don’t look directly  

6. TaoTronics (Best led grow light) 

TaoTronics Best led grow light

TaoTronics is considering as most convenient and easiest option that you can get for the best light.  It is on fashion grow lights with red and blue that the planet requires for the growth. It comes with the socket which turns the grow light convenient for the use.

Just put it to the point where the plants can get the light directly. The light is 12 watt which has 12 LEDs where you will get 1 W each. Here you get nine LEDs in red color and three in blue. The rays help in growing the plant’s leaf growth in a much stronger way.

It also boosts the root and help in blooming the plant much healthier. Well, the red 610 -720 nanometer for wavelength peak which is for work like photosynthesis and photoperiodic. Also, the light is best when it comes to fruits and blooming stage of the plant.

Apart from this, Blue 460 nanometers which are considered as photosynthesis and induced the chlorophyll. Along with that, it boosts the carotenoid; well both are important when it comes to leaves heath.  Blue lights are considered as good for vegetation process.   

Well, the company is counted in the list of best sellers who sell the grow lights. The coverage area of the light is 4.9 feet x 3.3 feet and the height that you are going to get is 1.7 ft. and 5 ft. Well, the light is much better if you don’t have much space and also the area to cover. The light bulb is similar to the normal ones; you can simply use it in the lamp sockets. 

Features that you are going to get  best led grow light for plants

1. No fees for electricity:  The features which hardly use any energy help the chances decreased that can boost your electricity bill. Apart from that, it consumes just 100 kWh as compared to any other lights which will take 1000 kWh. Also, the traditional bulbs are much energy consumer which also needs to change twice every year. 

Best led grow light 2019

2. Less expensive: well considering the different options in the market, this one has the lowest rate and price with great led grow light reviews by the users. The product is healthy for the environment but also for the pocket of yours. 

3. More growth:  here the bulb comes with heat sink design which helps in maximizing the heat and also the aircraft grade aluminum. The LED is also much cooler which help in maintaining the temperatures of the area even if you are using it continuous period.  Well, it helps in boosting up the growth and makes the plant healthier and also much beneficial.

Best led grow lights

4. Long lifespan: the Best led grow lights have the lifespan of the house which is approx. 50,000.  Well, there is hardly any other brand who offers the same lifespan with the same prize and watts. 

  • TaoTronics are hugely encouraged the process like photosynthesis and blooming  
  • It takes no or very less energy consumption  
  • Also, the grow lights stay cool  
  • The light of the product is strong  
  • Not just that, it’s considered as one of the cheapest options in best-best led grow lights  
  • It can burn the plants if you put the light too close 
  • The light’s cone is narrow  

7. Roleadro300W grow light 

Roleadro300W grow light One of the top selling best led grow lights for cannabis; there are lots of benefits that you can get which make the product as a good investment point. The light is completing affordable and easy to get where the maintenance is on lowest need.

If you are looking for the small areas to cover for flowering like 2’ x 2’, and for veg stage 3’ X 3’. Well, it’s extremely beneficial as you got the budget which not let you buy something expensive for the indoor gardening.

The lamps offer the bright as well as an effective boost to the plants. It’s helpful for making the plants green and enhances the inner strength so they can bloom completely.

Also, the frame that you are going to get is completely stubbed and you can easily plug in the light for the use.  With the help of long cord, it makes placing as well as changing the lights position as the way you like. There are lots of features that you can get which includes dimmable mode so you can dim the light and brightness. Overall the consumption of power is low for helping the cutting prices that can cost you more.

Along with lights, here you get IR that help in boosting as well as enhancing the photosynthesis. Roleadro has more numbers in red and blue lights instead of having white lights. This help in boosting the growth of marijuana.  

Features that you are going to get in this best led grow light 2019

1. Dimming lights:  one of the features that you get with the Best led grow lights is that you can dim the brightness according to the requirement of the plants. This help in lowering as well as controlling the intensity of the brightness. So those people who understand the nuances of growing plants can do the changes which suit as well as provide the best results at the end. Basically, this helps more when it comes to changing the lights so the plants can get different intensity in lights basis on the growing stages. 

led grow light 2019

2. Zeners exit: The feature is added so the plants can get the best benefit and also the user don’t have to buy another product too soon. Basically, the function help in keeping the led work maintain even one of the led fails to work or stop in the middle. However, it will not affect the results of the plant for sure. 

3. Cooling fans dual: for maintaining the cool, the product comes with dual fast for keeping the cool temperature around which make the lights compatible with the needs that the plants can have when they are grown indoors.

best led grow light for weed

4. 45 Mil led chipsepileds: the LEDs are equipped with epileds 25 mil chips that help in dissipating the heat without affecting the energy of the lights. They are placed at angle 120 which helps in increasing the PAR. Well, it also boosts the up the penetration of the canopy. It also helps in strengthening the plant roots for giving the better results and support. 

5. Certified with CE & ROHS:  The product is designed which is updated with all new technologies. Apart from that, it also comes with better work efficiency with quality in lights. Along with that, you also get less power consumption and growth in better plants without creating too much heat. Also, the product has a heat dissipation system for making sure that the heat will not damage the process.

  • Consumption of power are less which help in saving the electricity bills go high  
  • The design of the product is well designed for giving the better results  
  • Here it comes with 9 band system upgraded with  IR and UV 
  • There are features like dimming lights 
  • There are no controls that you can get manually 
  • There are options which come in the same budget.  

Short guide before you buy Best led grow light: Do and don’t what you should know about indoor gardening  

After reviewing some best led grow light for your garden we are going to share the most important points you should consider before start gardening at your house. Gardening is one of the hobbies that people love to do however there are so many things that you need to know which mostly create hassles.  But there are some people who prefer gardening indoor, however for that treating the plants correctly and also taking proper care. There are lots of other requirements that are needed for indoor gardening. Not just that, indoor gardening has its own plus point which helps the people to enjoy their hobby. But for that, they require the complete setup where the plants can get the requirements that they want for growing.  

Along with that, the basic requirements like sunlight, water, soil etc are also needed the most. however, there are lots of tools and equipment that are available in the market which help in setting up the complete set up in the house and one of them is best led grow light. Buying that equipment can help but again it’s important to take care about what you are looking and what kind of plants od you going to grow up. Different plants need different things which are important to full fill; also this affects the things that you will bring for the gardening. Apart from that, there are few more things like the temperature steering water schedules which are an important part to focus, the different plant needs temperature and ate differently. There are some plants that require less water especially when they are growing up.  

Apart from that, it’s crucial to understand the right condition in which you are going to get the results that you want.  Well, for understanding what you should not do and what you must do, here are points that will help.  

  • Do Visit often :

Don’t forget to visits the plants when they are growing.  For understanding how they are doing, it’s important to keep your attention there.  During the growth stage, plants usually show the signs which can be helpful for knowing what you must do 

  • Don’t use cold water :  

For watering the plants, don’t go with cold waters. as they can shock the plants and your plants will not able to absorb the nutrients that they need. Because of which they will not get a complete bloom or develop. Well, it’s harder for the plant to take so many things because of their critical stages  

  • Do change the position of pots : 

another thing that you must do is to keep changing the direction in pots.  The plants epically those who are going through a growing stage have a tendency to bend toward the director from which the light is coming. If you want the straight plant, then keep moving the pots so you can get the thing you want  

  • Do clean the plants : 

There are many cases where people forget to clean the plants.  Well, it causes some serious issues and creates a hassle for developing the plants. That why it’s important to make sure that you cut the leaves which turn into yellow or dry so it will not disturb the other plants or not waste the nutrients that can be used for other reasons. 

  • Do not choose no air part : 

Plants are alive and they require air as much the human being need.  This is why they need ample amount when it comes to air so they can breathe properly. Without that the plant will not develop and eventually they will die. 

  • Do the limits on the fertilizers : 

Mostly plant need fertilizers but when it comes to indoor gardening, they don’t need that much. Also, it’s important to understand that you should put the fertilizers as most of the growing plants can absorb the fertilizers which cause the soil to get worse and affect the nutrients of the plants 

  • Do understand what you have:  

different plants have their own need when they are growing up. You can’t use the same method for everyone as it will not work. Not just that, plants do have preferences and needs that are important to take care in order to get the results. Apart from that, how much soil you need, how many time water are requirements, the lights etc are important factors to consider  

  • Don’t do overdoes :

Most of the newcomers got excited and they do overdo most of the time which lead the plants to die. Well for saving yourself from this situation. It’s important to do the research and also take care of the needs that the plant wants  

  • Do research : 

this is important for everyone who is going for indoor gardening. There are lots of points that you just need to know when you are going for this option. Not just that, indoor gardening have their own rules which are completely different to the outdoor needs.  

  • Don’t treat the plants same :

when it comes to treating the plants, outdoor plants have different requirements whereas indoor have a different need. It’s important to understand what kind of treatment both need.

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